Alison Rabschnuk

Director of Corporate Engagement, The Good Food Institute; Boston, MA

Alison Rabschnuk is the director of corporate engagement at the Good Food Institute. She brings more than two decades of advertising, marketing, and sales experience having worked with brands including Taco Bell, Levi Strauss, and Gap. Prior to her current role at GFI, she started and ran a business developing affiliate programs and ad networks for clients that included General Mills, NBC Universal, BET, and Gourmet Ads. GFI’s Corporate Engagement Department works at the intersection of supply and demand to help further the plant-based food sector. Alison works with top food and foodservice companies, supermarkets, and restaurants to help increase the quality and quantity of plant-based products available on the market. She is a graduate of Wellesley College. (Boston, MA) @GoodFoodInst