Michael Lynch

Interim CEO, Daiya Foods; Vancouver, Canada

Michael Lynch is interim CEO at Daiya Foods. Michael has over 25 years of general management, brand management, and strategy experience in the food industry across large, medium, and start-up organizations. After receiving his MBA from the University of Michigan, he spent 10 years at Kraft Foods building businesses in the cheese and specialty products divisions, as well as a strategy assignment in corporate innovation. Michael was then recruited to Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, where he ran the company’s flagship Family Brands business. After selling Dreyer’s to Nestle Foods, he was involved in several entrepreneurial and consulting projects where he received extensive experience in rapidly paced emerging brand environments. Michael joined Daiya in 2012, bringing his hybrid background of corporate strategic training and “scrappy” start-up experiences to contribute to the company’s rapid growth and ultimate sale to a strategic, global buyer. Since September 2018, Michael has served as the Interim CEO of Daiya Foods. (Vancouver, Canada) @daiyafoods